We’re Back!!!

We would like to announce that, as of June 5, 2020, our Paws 4 Passengers teams will be back at the Airport and we couldn’t be more excited!!  We are posting the “rules” of our teams coming back to the Airport and want all of our passengers to know that, while we are there to make travel less “ruff,” the safety of everyone is also our #1 concern.   We will be practicing all of the social distancing and hand sanitizing procedures put into place for our State and, again, are so excited to get back to work!


Paws 4 Passengers COVID-19 Best Practices

Our Paws 4 Passengers (P4P) teams WILL NOT approach people.  This is to ensure that interaction is voluntary.  We will wait and let people come to us – especially children.

Our P4P owners will wear masks covering our nose and mouth while volunteering at RNO.

Our P4P teams will maintain social distancing while volunteering at RNO.

Our P4P dogs are required under Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) rules to be clean, well groomed, vaccinated and must pass annual wellness exams.

Our dog owners must be clean and well groomed.  No influence of alcohol or drugs that would impair the safety of us or others will be tolerated.

Our P4P teams will not enter elevators with others unless we are given permission by others waiting to use the elevators.

Our dogs are not allowed to give kisses, nor be kissed.

Our P4P owners will use disinfectant wipes on our dogs as necessary throughout our shifts.


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