The Story of Turbo and Maddie

Once upon a time a little girl named Madison, who lived with her mom in Mission Viejo, CA, flew on a big airplane to Reno NV.  When she got off the plane, she saw a Big Fluffy Chow Chow named Turbo.  Maddie and Turbo became fast friends!  This all happened the middle of June of 2021.  Sadly, on the airplane home, Turbo’s trading card that had been given to Madison, was lost.  Krystal, Maddie’s mom, sent an email to Paws 4 Passengers (P4P) about how very sad Madison was and was there any way she could be mailed a replacement trading card with Turbo’s picture.  “Of course” was the reply and a Turbo card reached Maddie the last day of June 2021.

Fast forward to a year later.  Madison and her mom contacted P4P to say they were headed to Reno again!  Turbo’s mom was given the flight information.  It was a wonderful reunion at RNO!  And to make things even more special, Maddie had realized it was Turbo’s birthday so she brought him a birthday card!  This beautiful relationship continues today! 

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