P4P Visits Reno Nevada National Guard

A number of our Paws 4 Passengers (P4P) Dogs visited the Reno Nevada National Guard on Saturday, May 6th and Sunday, May 7th as May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.

This marks the first time in P4P’s 10 year history that we had the opportunity for our Therapy Dogs to visit the troops at their various locations.

We are scheduled to visit the Reno Air National Guard Base on June 3rd and hope to have photos from that visit afterwards.  The Reno Air National Guard Base is hosted by RNO. It was established on the west side of the airport in 1954, when Air National Guard units relocated from the former Stead Air Force Base in Reno.

Saturday at Washoe County Armory location

Saturday at Plumb Lane Armory location

Sunday at the Nevada National Guard Office of the Adjutant General in Carson City

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