P4P Dogs Join P4L Dogs in the DA’s Office as Justice Dogs

P4P is proud to share this video as 7 of our dogs are also part of this “Justice Dogs” program!

District Attorney Christopher Hicks presented an overview of the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office to the Commission and highlighted several new programs to assist victims and improve services. The 177 employees of the District Attorney’s Office contribute to the mission of the office each day, which is to ensure justice and protect the welfare of the County and its citizens.

Watch: Video of how the District Attorney’s Office impacts citizens

The criminal division prosecutes every felony and gross misdemeanor that occurs throughout all of Washoe County and all misdemeanors that occur outside the city limits of Reno and Sparks. The civil division is the law firm for the County and represents the Board of County Commissioners and each of the County’s 24 departments, providing expertise in open meeting law, property law, water law and a range of other specialties.

Programs such as Paws for Love and an early intervention process for domestic violence cases are also designed to minimize the trauma on victims throughout the prosecution of cases.

“The office is focused on protecting victims of crime, particularly children,” Hicks said. “The Washoe County Child Advocacy Center continues to revolutionize the investigation and prosecution of cases involving children.  It is my goal to make an office that this entire community can be proud of.”

3 P4P dogs are featured, along with the 3 P4L dogs, in the attached Justice Dogs photo
3 P4P dogs are featured, along with the 3 P4L dogs, in the attached Justice Dogs photo – Max, the pug; Sofia, the German Shepard; and Jasper (top right)!

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